Program Descriptions 2017

La Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (la FIL): Selecting Spanish Books in Mexico

Rachel Fewell, Denver Public Library

The Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (FIL) is the largest Spanish language book fair in the world. ALA makes it quite easy and inexpensive to attend the fair to select books for your Spanish language collection. In the 6 years that I’ve attended, I’ve learned some best practices for preparing for and navigating the fair. This presentation will give participants a starting point for deciding whether they should go, which vendors/distributors to reach out to, how to get a scholarship from ALA/FIL, and what to do when they are at FIL.


Historias al lado del Rio: Literacy as a Second Language

Stacey Brown and Elias Flores, High Plains Library District

Go beyond bilingual story time and enhance cultural literacy through Spanish story time. We show you how to find resources and present activities that remain true to the culture of Spanish speakers. Cantar, Leer. Jugar.


Building Community through Language Exchange

Maggie Shawcross and Stacey Brown, High Plains Library Dstrict

The Riverside Library (High Plains Library District) hosts a language exchange program for English speakers learning Spanish and Spanish speakers learning English. Participants of the presentation will learn about the Intercambio group and how community is developed. We will share our experience as well as our bilingual resources. ¡Acompañenos!


Adult Education With a Personal Connection

Viviana Casillas, Denver Public Library

The Denver Public Library has offered Career Online High School (COHS) for Denver residents, for the past two years, giving adults the opportunity to reach their goal of achieving their high school diploma. This program offered through Gale Cengage and the Smart Horizons Career Online Education High School, has made it easier for libraries across the U.S to support education efforts to its customers. This presentation will talk about why DPL decided to join COHS, launching the program, statistics, challenges, stories, the ongoing work to keep students engaged and connected and the graduation process. If libraries are not able to afford this program, other resources will be provided for students to try out and reach their goal if getting their high school diploma or GED.


Creando Enlaces: Building International Partnerships

Rita Puig and Jimena Sagas, Colorado State University

This Poster/Lightning Talk will recount the birth and development of a new partnership between librarians at Universidad La Salle in México, D.F. and two librarians in Colorado.


Phone-a-Story: 24/7 Storytime and much more!

Alberto Pellicer, Denver Public Library

Discover in 15 minutes how to enjoy Phone-a-Story, not just listening, but with many interactive activities that families and customers have shared with us. We will also give a quick explanation on the technicalities of the system to see if you can do it at your own system without having to call the Geek Squad.


Recapture the Joy of Reading

Debbi MacLeod, Colorado Talking Book Library

Look at the world through impaired eyes and learn about the free library services the Colorado Talking Book Library provides to all Coloradans who can’t read standard print. The service keeps folks connected to reading, stories and adventure.


ESL and Adult Literacy Resources Online

Dorothea Steinke, Literacy Coalition of Colorado

Explore some of the resources for your tutors and interactive activities for adult learners on line. This session will include examples sites with interactive activities for: Reading – appropriate for ESL and low-level learners Pronunciation sites – hear – say – hear practice with quiz and SLANG – What every ESL student wants to know!


Promoting Literacy and Multigenerational Learning Using Drums and Onomatopoeia in Cultural Context

Alfredo Pinto, Denver Public Library

There are clear benefits to using drumming or rhythm in conjunction with onomatopoeia to promote literacy. Skillfully using hand-drumming with a children’s book can acquaint emerging readers with phonological and phonemic awareness in an entertaining manner. This charlámpago will briefly introduce how basic drumming can be incorporated into literacy circles or family times as a way to impart cultural knowledge, stimulate language acquisition, and encourage multigenerational involvement in enhancing early childhood learning.


The Brain Architecture Game

Yanira Duarte and Brianna Austin, Denver Public Library

Experiences in the early years of life matter. These experiences have a lasting impact on a brain’s development and structure. We’re going to play The Brain Architecture Game with the goal of building a healthy and stable brain. Its height represents functional brain ability while its foundation and reinforcements allow it to better handle stress. A discussion about your molded brain and experience will ensue after the game.


Dos Luchas, Un Libre: Libraries Go to the Mat for Latinos

Robert Ayala and Maggie Shawcross, High Plains Library District

Robert Ayala and Maggie Shawcross will speak about the meaning and method of producing two, large-scale Lucha Libre – Mexican Wrestling events at their libraries. Oh the irony of staging a fight to bring together a community. Get your very own lucha libre mascara!


One Librarian, One Backpack, One Year

Crystal Niedzwiadek

Youth Librarian Crystal Niedzwiadek grabbed a backpack and left Colorado to explore Central and South America for one year by bus in 2016. She started in Guatemala and moved south through the continents ending in Patagonia. Crystal will share some of her adventures and photos, including some insights she gained along the way about the people, the languages and book culture. You will receive a handout with packing tips and how she travel hacked this slow travel journey on a budget.


Blazing new trails in the library: Legal advocacy in the library

Katy Walker, Colorado Mountain College

This program is the result of one librarian’s efforts and experiences on organize an immigration event (Know Your Rights/Conozca sus derechos), and educational and informative event. Mistakes will be frankly discussed as well as unexpected partnerships she formed along the way to make this event possible at a small library in small mountain community.