Pre-Conference Mural Crawl with Museo de las Americas


If you have time to kill before the mini-conference starts, we’ve got something for you!

From 10-11 we’ll be hosting a free mural crawl along the Santa Fe Arts District, presented by the knowledgeable folks at Museo de las Americas. This area of Denver is a vibrant, stimulating neighborhood full of street art that showcases Denver’s creative energy. Whether you’re from here or from afar, this tour will open your eyes to a new side of Denver.

You must RSVP to Orlando Archibeque at to participate in this free pre-conference program. Space is limited so andalé pues!



Keynote Speaker Molina Speaks



Molina Speaks is an Artist of the people and for the people. He hails from a small gritty working class town you might think of as “nowhere.” Molina proves there is Soul everywhere. Molina balances humble roots and urban grit, street smarts and cultural knowledge, lyrical skills and philosophy. Speaks is a Writer, Poet, Playwright, Emcee, Performance Artist and Recording Artist. He is a Chicano/Latino/Indigenous/Mestizo Futurist, a live poetic scribe, a professor of cultural and media studies, a publisher, producer, community educator, and all around human bridge. Molina Speaks advocates for the voices, stories, and power of youth and communities of color.

Molina has released 16 independent DIY albums under various artist names. During this time he has shared the stage with many big names, all of whom take a back seat to his communities, young audiences, and collaborating artists. Molina has performed at hundreds of events nationwide. These appearances include festivals, universities, music venues and lounges, cultural gatherings, community centers, alternative schools, elementary schools, youth jails and treatment centers. Molina Speaks is not a pop artist. He challenges us to be, see, think, feel, speak, and act on our truths, creativity, convictions, fantasies and dreams. Every presentation and performance is unique to the time and space in which it is experienced.

Interactive Blessing Ceremony with Curandera Contemporánea Eutimia Cruz Montoya

Eutimia Cruz Montoya

eutimia 2

During the cafe hour Denver-based indigenous healer Eutimia Cruz Montoya will present an interactive ritual and blessing based on Mexica curanderismo tradition. Join us to honor the directions with some simple Azteca dance moves and connect with your body’s ability to heal itself. Eutimia will have a table set up in the B2 plaza for more information about her health and wellness services.

Migrar en Palabras: Reading as an instrument of integration and cross cultural understanding.

Zuza Bohley, Americas Latino Eco Festival

Americas for Conservation + the Arts has developed a list of recommendations for Children’s and Youth literature called Migrar en Palabras (Migration in Words) that focus on environmental stewardship, Latin American culture and traditions, migration/immigration and cross-cultural education; the list includes Spanish, English and bilingual titles. We will present an updated list of recommendations and ask participants to share their own favorite YA lit on these important topics, to be included in the next version of Migrar. You’ll be able to browse a selection of books from the list, connect with other librarians and educators, and engage in a collaborative project of sharing and collecting ideas for community engagement.


Kids & Screens: How to talk to parents about realistic screentime expectations for their family

Simone Groene-Nieto and Lauren Dennis, Denver Public Library

Will screentime rot my child’s brain? Can my kid really learn from a TV show? Is it true that kids should start using the computer as early as possible so they know how to do it later in life? How much screentime is too much? These questions come up a lot, and the research can seem contradictory. This dynamic duo of a technology librarian and an Early Literacy specialist will help you sort out the best way to provide guidance for your customers, based on solid up-to-date research.

Learn from Our Experience: Outreach Programming at the Poudre River Public Library District

Johanna Ulloa Giron, Ludy Rueda and Karol de Rueda, Poudre River Public Library District

The Outreach Team from the Poudre River Public Library District has provided programs in the community for the last five years. Since the creation of the Outreach Department many lessons have been learned, many programs provided, and many people have received impactful programs. Come to a presentation with examples of different community based programs.

By the Numbers: Data Driven Library Programs

Johanna Ulloa Giron, Tova Aragon and Carol Gyger, Poudre River Public Library District

The Impact Team from Poudre River Public Library District will present their work related to supporting and increasing staff capacity to conceptualize their programs, collaborate, evaluate and demonstrate impact and excellence. We will show different examples on how to use data to create and evaluate library programs. Participants will also have the opportunity to work on groups and discuss data driven processes. The Impact Team will show different ways to use data in the process of creating and evaluating library programs. Participants will increase awareness on data driven processes when creating a new library program, creating evaluations plans, and reporting on the impact of library programs.