September 2013

Agenda, September Officer’s Meeting

Tuesday September 24th, Denver Public Library 4th Floor

Officers in Attendance: Simone Groene-Nieto, Camila Alire, Dustin Goforth, Orlando Archibeque, Ruby Nugent


I. Finding Presenters for future Reforma meetings


a. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is being looked at as a possible presenter for a future meeting or a host.

  • Ruby mentioned that she was previously contacted by the Latino group organization of the Museum about presenting and will pass contact info along to the officers.

b. Karen Alfino of volunteered to present during the Holiday meeting

  • She is a founder of STEM; which provides hands-on programming for the under- served population of girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

c. Rita presenting in October on Regis Dual Language program

d. Our Courts Colorado can be a possible presenter for February’s meeting.

e. For the April meeting, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or MiCasa

f. Extra presenter ideas

  • CLLARO (formerly La Rasa)?
  • A local Latino News Anchor?

II. Additional information about future member meetings


a. Jimena Sagas is hosting a virtual component for members up North near Fort Collins at the Old Town Library, at 201 Peterson Street in the Collaboration Room

  • It is an open invitation and anyone can show up without letting her know ahead of time. If there are any questions, please contact Jimena at

b. Holiday meeting at Rosa Linda’s?


III. Online Attendance Technology


a. In the future, we are going to set up a projector so that everyone attending in person will be able to read the screen for  the online comments.


IV. By laws


a. Finalities of the bylaws were concluded in order to create an executive summary to pass out to the members for review




a. The Meet and Greet for the CALCON on October 17th will be at the Palomino Mexican Restaurant at 5:45p.m.

b. Anyone interested should contact Orlando at


VI. Status of Website


a. Sheena has volunteered to head the website committee and Simone and Theresa have also volunteered to assist – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

b. Are there any others interested in volunteering?


VII. Mini-Conference


a. Ruby has graciously volunteered to chair the min-conference committee

b. The tentative date we are hoping to have the mini-conference will be April 24th during the afternoon.

c. Locations are maybe Central Denver Library or UCD Anschutz campus?