November 2013

November Membership Meeting Notes

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Denver Central Library, Denver CO

Submitted by: Dustin Goforth, REFORMA Secretary/Historian

Total Attendance of Membership: 16

Members in attendance: Simone Groene-Nieto (Denver Public Library), Orlando Archibeque (Auraria Library), Mary Dodge (Auraria Library), Camila Alire (Dean Emeritus), Cecilia Hem Lee (Jefferson County Public Library), Beth Crist (Colorado State Library), Karen Alfino (founder STEMgirls), Dustin Goforth (Aurora Public Library), Alfredo Pinto (Regis Dual Language Campus)

Online Members in attendance: Ross Callendar (Colorado Library Consortium aka CLiC), Judith Valdez (Auraria Library), Theresa Ortega (University of Colorado at Boulder), Nicanor Diaz (High Plains Library District), Jimena Sagaz (Colorado State University Libraries), Ghada Elturk (Boulder Public Library), Katherine Kerber (Douglas County Public Library)

Introductions of members in attendance

  1. Introductions of attendees
  2. Explanation of Bylaws Update

The Bylaws are being considered for updates and more in order to continue their relevance with modern technology and better language. Some of the proposed changes include:

  • The past-president as an Officer with the delineated duties of handling nominations and attending officer meetings
  • Updated language that contains more realistic, achievable statements
  • The creation and distribution of an Annual Report
  • Delineated duties of Standing Committees which include a website committee, a nominating committee, a listserv committee, and a translation committee
  • Change the passage of future amendments to bylaws by a majority vote of paid members

Member also asked more about the following sections:

  • Article II talks about only serving the Latino population in USA. One member questioned whether we have Reforma chapters outside of the US. Other members added it should be left as is because the chapter is part of national Reforma which serves the U.S. and outside but Colorado Reforma only serves Colorado.
  • Article III should remove the added wording of “and” to the sentence “Any person who is current with membership dues and is supportive of the goals and objectives of this organization and is eligible to vote.” The reasoning is that it is a typo.
  • Article IV Section I was mentioned that it should include when the officers meet. Other members added that this would be considered a procedure, which is not a bylaw. It is also noted that a procedures manual for future officers is also in the works.
  • Article IV Section II – Members were unclear on the wording of officers succeeding themselves and whether it meant that they didn’t have to be reelected. Members in the meeting agreed that the wording does include that officers would have to be reelected under Article IV Section III. Another conflict with this is that officer removal is missing the word “vote” to read “Any officer may be removed at anytime by a majority vote of the membership at a regularly scheduled or special scheduled meeting.
  • Article IV Section VI Number 1 should also include that the President preside over officer meetings as well. Agreed
  • Article IV Section VI Number 3 should be removed. Agreed
  • Article IV Section VI Number 5 was unclear to some members because it details the President officially representing the organization; however, members had previously asked that Reformistas talking about Reforma using an official presentation to outside groups. Other members explained that the wording should stay intact because the President is ultimately responsible for the official representation of the chapter and that this would not preclude others from discussing Reforma.
  • Article V Section II was discussed to possibly include the wording of social media notifications. The President explained it was purposefully ambiguous because the phrase “in writing” included several mediums of written notice, including social media and the internet. Other members mentioned that leaving it ambiguous would allow changing technology to not age the bylaws
  • Article VI – Members in the group were split on the addition of a community relations committee. Some believed that it was already the officer’s job and that the addition of an additional permanent standing committee would be difficult to staff if membership falters. Others saw it as a good addition that could benefit the membership with more insight from the community that could culture more relationships. A compromise was discussed to look into its creation in the future as an Ad Hoc committee with an officer present on the committee to allow feedback back and forth from officers and members. This way, if such a committee were seen as highly effective in the future, making it a Standing Committee could be reintroduced.
  • Article VII Section II should include wording for online members to determine a quorum. Some members also asked if wording should include members within the meeting via telephone, but teleconferencing requires an internet connection which would include the telephone option.
  • Article X should be amended so that if it were dissolved, all assets would revert to Reforma National. Agreed. 

Because approval currently requires a vote of two-thirds of its active members, each of you will be sent a notice in the future after the Secretary/Historian sends them out.

3. Reaching out to more organizations

Simone has been getting in touch with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to network and find some areas of collaboration to meet both of our goals. Dustin and Orlando are doing the same with CLLARO. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is also on the list to be contacted. Alfredo will send an email to a contact within the museum so Simone can be put in contact with the Hispanic element of the DMNS.

Annual Teen Conference – Orlando has generously offered to donate his own money to pay four scholarships for Latino youth to attend the conference. Additionally we will be operating a booth at the Conference.

  • The date is set for April 5th 2014 at the Auraria campus
  • There are going to be 2 keynote authors at the conference. The first is AS King and the second is David Levithan

Reforma National is being more engaging and called Simone for a Presidential meeting in a national conference amongst all the chapter Presidents. Five were able to attend, but they proposed more meetings bi-monthly.

  • At the Conference, they expressed interest in highlighting a specific chapter every month via Youtube. The members of the chapter would create a montage of accomplishments to display.
  • They also wanted to have two chapters each month be highlighted on the Reforma National newsletter. This would also include Reforma National’s website

4. Member sharing

Camila Alire is taking part in a fundraising opportunity for National Reforma. The venture is going to be webinars that will raise money for Reforma National. The webinars will serve a wide range of topics that will serve the Latino populations with expertise in youth and teens. Camila is a member of the committee.

Dustin Goforth mentioned the progress and growth of the Spanish Group at Aurora Central Library. The group began last April and is growing. Participants speak only in Spanish and learn a wide variety of topics from latino history to modern latino pop culture.

  • In addition to Aurora, Jefferson County Public Library has been using intercambio to spur conversations between English and Spanish speakers. Its basis is 100% conversational and gives someone wanting to learn Spanish the opportunity to learn as well as teach others how to speak English.
  • Denver Public Library also has a Spanish Conversation circle in the Language and learning area. They are hosted by Visual Thinking Strategies and create cultural exchanges at the Community Learning Plaza.

Simone Groene-Nieto has been creating a social networking website on ilead (which Reforma Colorado is a sponsor of) that will pair libraries and organizations together to find a ways to combine their efforts to reach common goals. She and her team recently presented their idea, and it has been taken on by the Colorado State Library. The website is called, but hold your horses. It’s not ready just yet. Hopefully you’ll see it in your library soon!

Alfredo Pinto spoke on behalf of Rita Puig’s wonderful contribution to the Dia de los Muertos event on Saturday. The festival was a huge success. Thanks Rita!!

Additionally, Alfredo was also invited to a Dia de los Muertos festival at the Spirit of Christ Church in an attempt to offer more attention to Latino parishioners.

Jimena Sagas has helped to put together a multicultural library service at her library campus at Colorado State. She has also started to offer advocacy programs pertaining to different studies each month. She will be recruiting researchers from every different department and create a gallery to display their studies. These are just two of her many contributions throughout the year.

Beth Crist presented the wonderful news that Colorado State Libraries will once again put together the One Book 4 Colorado program. The program offers a free book to give away to any 4 year old that comes in with their parents. The program will hand out books next Spring between the dates of April 7th – April 21st. Their will be books offered in English and can also be offered in Spanish as well.

  • Want to vote for that next book? There are three to choose from right now. Go to to vote today!

Congrats to Jefferson County Public Library and their new hire, Cecilia. She is the new Hispanic relations/outreach person for Jeffco Libraries.

Karen Alfino is one of our newer members. In addition to joining Reforma to help collaborate Libraries and Latinos, she is also the founder of STEMgirls and sits on a committee that is advocating for libraries to the governor. Additionally, she is part of the Violeta Garcia Thinktank Stem program. This program is currently putting together a summer reading program among other things.

Was CAL a disappointment to you this year? It also was to most of the people in the meeting. Many members thought it was very marketing oriented and the internet marketing  portion was poorly presented. Others were unhappy that everything was generalized and poorly organized with little for academic librarians.


  • The mini-conference is going to be held at the Anshultz Medical Campus in Aurora. Ruby graciously accepted the responsibility of chairing the committee. We are currently still looking at April. There was some talk about moving the conference to May to avoid conflict with the CTLC conference, but putting the conference into May will run into summer reading program times. There was also some debate about advertising the conference; however, that will be decided by the committee in the near future. There were a number of topics brought up for the conference; many with similar themes. We will be sending out a list to be voted on soon. Keep your eyes open.  The top 3 topics voted on will be the main focus of the mini-conference.