June 2013

REFORMA Colorado Chapter

Minutes, Membership Meeting:  June 25, 2013; 10:00 am to noon; Old TownLibrary, Fort Collins, CO

Submitted by:  Orlando Archibeque, REFORMA Colorado Secretary/Historian

Attendance:  Orlando Archibeque (Auraria Library); Maggie Shawcross(independent librarian and currently working at a public health department);Katherine Kerber (Englewood Library); Dustin Goforth (Aurora Central); TheresaOrtega (University of Colorado, Boulder); Yolanda Maloney (University ofColorado, Boulder); Ross Callender (Colorado Library Consortium aka CLiC); RubyNugent (Health Sciences Library, University of Colorado Denver); Alfredo Pinto(Regis Dual Language Campus); Joseph Manilafasha (student, guest of AlfredoPinto); Jean Bosch (Poudre River Public Library District); Victor Zuriga(Poudre River Public Library District); Jimena Sagas (Colorado State UniversityLibraries); Ghada Elturk (Boulder Public Library).  Online participants:  Judith Valdez (Auraria Library); ?

Member Awards andHonors:  Ghada Elturk wascongratulated for receiving the 2013 EMIERT Distinguished Librarian Award.  Jimena Sagas was congratulated for beingselected as a winner of the National REFORMA President’s Program “Research AtYour Service”.

Presentation:   “Libraries in Mexico” by Jimena Sagas (CSULibraries).  Her major theme is that weneed to understand libraries in Mexico so that we can better serve Mexicanimmigrants here.  We need to build bridges.


Officer changesfor the end of FY 2012/2013:  RubyNugent clarified the following changes which were in effect for May – June2013.  In April 2013 Viviana Casillasresigned her position as Vice President for personal reasons.  This necessitated a change in officers forthe final two months of the 2012/2013 term. Ruby Nugent named Simone Groene-Nieto as the Vice President.  She will assume the Presidency on July 1,2013.  This left a vacancy in theSecretary/Historian position.  RubyNugent named Orlando Archibeque as Secretary/Historian for May – June 2013.

Scholarship ShareOut:  Ruby Nugent shared informationwith members about the decision made by the REFORMA Colorado officers regardingthe scholarship winner.  Funds came fromproceeds of the mini-conference held on March 21, 2013.  The $500 scholarship winner is Amy ChrystalErives (member, Arizona REFORMA).  Thoughshe is not a resident of Colorado, she has a record of accomplishments that isconsistent with the overall philosophy and mission of REFORMA.

Viviana’s Fundraiser Picnic Share Out: Ruby Nugent reported on the June 2, 2013 “Celebration of the Life of Maria Concha Rodela and Fundraiser forher Daughter, Carolina”, a collaborative effort between REFORMA Colorado andDenver Public Library.  SimoneGroene-Nieto worked especially long hours on this effort, which attractedbetween 150 and 200 people.  This was a fundraiser picnic to assist ourfriend/colleague Viviana Casillas who is now raising her young niece, Carolina,in the wake of a family tragedy.  Thefundraiser was held at the Valdez-Perry (DPL) Branch Library and raised about$1700.  Ruby acknowledged Simone and allthe Colorado Reformistas (and Ruby’s family members) who provided  support in making this a successfulcelebration of life.  There was asuggestion that future scholarships offered from proceeds of themini-conference be named in honor of Maria Rodela.

Annual Report.  Ruby Nugent notified members that our annualreport is due to REFORMA National by July 1, 2013.  She presented an overview of the reportincluding the following accomplishments: Mini-conference; scholarship fund; translation committee; redid ourbrochure; new officers with fresh energy; overall, a great year; onlineparticipation at every meeting (kudos to Ross Callender); increased socialmedia presence; co-hosting Celebration of Maria Rodela’s Life & Fundraiserfor Carolina; nice holiday party (Rosalinda’s opened it just for us); sponsoredbibliocolorado.

Announcement ofNew Officers for 2013/2014:  Rubyannounced the results of the recently held election.  Camila Alire was elected to serve asVice-President from July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014, and will assume the office ofPresident on July 1, 2014.  OrlandoArchibeque was elected to serve as Treasurer from July 1, 2013 – June 30,2014.  Simone assumes the office of Presidenton July 1, 2013.

Announcement ofnaming of new DPL branch:  For thebenefit of those who had not yet heard the news, Ruby announced that on June20, 2013 the Denver Public Library Commission selected the person for whom thenewest DPL branch will be named:  Rudolfo“Corky” Gonzales.  There was a discussionabout how REFORMA Colorado missed this opportunity to be more visible in thecommunity; Ruby acknowledged that this process didn’t go smoothly but mentionedthe reasons that the organization didn’t submit a letter:  too many other pressing issues , resignationand changes in REFORMA Colorado officers, no consensus on which individual tosupport in the naming process (some supported Lena Archuleta, some supportedCorky Gonzales), etc.

Feedback/comment from membersabout the past year: There wasa lively discussion among the members about the past year, with a number ofindividuals taking part in the discussion which was filled with both positivecomments and suggested areas for improvement. The officers were given kudos for organizing and holding successfulevents such as the mini-conference and the celebration of life for Maria ConchaRodela.  Comments on areas of concern:  need for better communication within theorganization; concern that Camila Alire should be devoting more time at thenational level rather than the local Colorado chapter; the work of the Chapteris being done by relatively few members, primarily the officers; Reformistashave lots of work to do at the Chapter level, but few people are able/willingto make a commitment because of being stretched too thin in our primary jobs;need to bring in new blood, but we also need continuity; need to betterunderstand and appreciate the role and importance of national REFORMA; need formore chapter members; there are many things that the organization can do toimprove and a discussion of areas that need improvement need not be treated ascriticism – it can be a positive development for the organization.

Tour of Library: by Jean Bosch and Victor Zuriga of the Poudre River Public LibraryDistrict.

Meeting adjourned: 12:00 noon.


OrlandoArchibeque, Secretary/Historian