July 2013

Reforma Officer’s Meeting

July 30th, 2013

Attending: Simone Groene-Nieto, Camila Alire, DustinGoforth, Orlando Archibeque


1.     Introductions

2.     Reviewof days for meetings every Tuesday 10-12

·        Public             8/27 August Central AuroraSmall Community Room

·        Officers          9/24 Denver Central

·        Public              10/29 Rita Regis dual languagecampus Thornton

·        Officers           11/26 Auraria Library

·        Public              12/17 Holiday meeting

3.     BylawAmendments

1)     ArticleIII: Membership

i.     Remove‘Annual membership rates apply per calendar year and are renewable in January.’

ii.     Replace‘The present annual dues* are as follows:’ with ‘Annual dues are paid toNational Reforma at the rates listed on its website.

2)     ArticleIV: Officers

i.     Adjustwording in Section 1 to include duties of Past President

ii.     Removethe word ‘President Elect’ from Section 1

iii.     Replacethe words ‘by a voting majority of all active members.’ With ‘by a majorityvote.’

iv.     Adjustwording in Presidential duties, Section 6, #2 from ‘determine’ to ‘solicit.’

v.     Removeall of #3 from Section 6 in Presidential duties

vi.     Adda subsection under Presidential duties to include the following: ‘To create and distribute the annualreport to membership and Reforma National.’

vii.     Change#7 in Presidential duties to #8

viii.     Removethe word ‘President Elect’ from Section 6 under the duties of the VicePresident

ix.     Removeall of #3 from Section 6 in Vice Presidential duties

x.     Adda paragraph in Section 6 regarding the duties of the Immediate Past Presidentto include

·        Theduties of the Past President shall be as follows:

1.     Toattend all committee officers meetings

2.     Tomanage the nominations and election process

3.     Tochair the nominating committee

xi.     Removethe word ‘and publicity’ from Section 6 #3 in Secretarial duties

xii.     Replacethe words ‘and the Internal Revenue Service’ with ‘and Reforma National’ inSection 6 #3 under Treasurers duties

3)     ArticleV: Membership Meetings

i.     Remove‘by telephone’ in Section 3

ii.     Replace‘by written notice toall members at least one week prior to such meetings, or by telephone at leastthree days prior to the meeting’ with ‘in writing at least three workingdays prior to the meeting.’In Section 3

4)     ArticleVI: Committees

i.     Remove#2 in Section 1

ii.     Add wording regarding a standing Website Committee and adescription of the committee after the Listserv Committee.

iii.     Add‘A standing Nominating Committee shall be established that A standingNominating Committee shall be established that is responsible for nominatingand presenting the slate of candidates to run for the four (4) offices -President,  Secretary-Historian, andTreasurer.   The election by members mustbe held prior to July 1 of each year.  The Past President chairs the NominatingCommittee.’ after the Website Committee

iv.     Add‘A standing Listserv Committee shall be established that A standingListserv Committee shall be established that is responsible for moderating,maintaining, and promoting the use of the chapter’s listserv list, reforma-co@lists.ucdenver.edu’ after theNominating Committee.

v.     Add wording regarding a standing Translation Committee and adescription of the committee after the Listserv Committee.

vi.     Move#1 in Section 1 to #5

vii.     Move#3 in Section 1 to #6

4.     RMCHealth

1)     Healthstandards and literacy standards for education for K-2

2)     Developedlesson plans and reading suggestions based on health books, developed lessonplans, and gave them to teachers

3)     Phase2 expand to Spanish speakers (and older kids)

4)     Signa letter of support Reforma

5)     Wewill help get them in touch with teachers and librarians that will be able towork on identifying these health books and to help create lesson plans

6)     Askonly; we are not obligated or responsible

7)     Helpadvertise this when they are done on Listserv, etc

8)     Theywill present at a meeting

9)     Theyhave a stipend of $800 to give toward the volunteers

10)  Officers agree to proceed

5.     TentativeGoals

1)     Createa Procedural Manual to assist with Officer procedures

i.     Keepa running tab of procedures for input into the manual

ii.     Tryto start putting it together in March

iii.     Finishit by June

2)     Createprocedures on the responsibilities of the committees by the end of next week

i.     Camilewill write the nominations committee

ii.     Simonewill do the website committee

iii.     Orlandowill do the Listserv committee

3)     Askthe membership what they want more of

i.     Moreinvolvement with electional committee

ii.     Getoutside organizations to present at meetings

4)     Presentthe changes in the bylaws in the next membership meeting and then create avoting form on the changes

5)     Theresa’snote

6)     Gmail,Google Drive and Facebook info session?