August 2013

Notes, August Members Meeting


Tuesday August 27th, 2013 Aurora CO

Members in attendance: 10 present, 5 online


I.     Introductions of members in attendance

II.   Next Membership Meeting Schedule is October 29that 10:00am – 12:00 @ Regis Dual language University

  • a.  Ghada volunteered Boulder for a future location

III.  Upcoming Plans for this year 

  • a.       General Housekeeping

i.     Bylaws changes update, method of contact update

ii.     Creation of a Procedural manual for Officers

iii.     Update the website – Most feedback will be onFacebook until the website is finished (email will still

be utilized)

  • b.     Community Presenters at meetings

   i.     Do any of you have ideas for presenters?

1.      Ghada – Latino Age Wave Project, Our Courts Colorado

2.      Alfredo – Museum of Nature & Science hiredtwo bilingual staff; he would like to see

us reach out to them

3.      Theresa – Children’s Museum and their work onDia de los Ninos

4.      Simone – Creciendo con tu Camara Committee

5.      Ross – Mini Cuentos

IV.  Another mini-conference

·        Topics were discussed on creating a conferencecommittee for Cuentos and discuss it at the next


·        Document Cuentos in the procedures manual


V.   Membership Sharing

  • a.      Dustin – Aurora has bought new books from TPRSPublishing

i.     They are Spanish Hi interest/low vocab booksdesigned to teach Spanish to English Students

  • b.     Simone – Denver Library will be offeringintermediate Spanish Computer classes

i.     Beginning in October, intermediate classes willbegin to be offered

ii.     They will be in succession from the basiccomputer classes to the intermediate

  • c.      Orlando – Auraria Campus and Diversify yourSyllabi

i.     Meant to infuse diversity in curriculum

ii.     Librarians are working with UCD faculty for thediversity

iii.     They are also trying to market the idea to MetroState and CCD

  • d.     Nicanor Diaz – A LOT

i.     GED classes began in June

ii.     Fiestas Latinas – A Latino fiesta program meantto highlight Independence Days

1.      Necklaces and flags were created in variouscountries for independence Day celebrations

happening in September

2.      Musicians were found to play a variety ofcultural music from different countries

iii.     Guadalupe Community Center is coming everyThursday to improve technology intelligence

1.      A plastic company has offered a grant to buyipads for parents and children to use during

the tech meetings

iv.     Access to Justice – Asking attorneys to come tothe library to answer basic legal questions

1.      Pro-bono attorneys arrive at the library onceper month

2.      What are some other resources?

·        CTC – Free to learn for women in Denver

·        Colorado Law Project

·        Immigrant legal Center and Micasa helps with legal services

·        Our Courts Series

·        Arapahoe County Courts invite attorneys to come to the court to answer basic legal

questions once a week on Fridays

v.     Introduction of Podcasts for library staff toovercome Spanish barriers

1.      They will assist in offering key vocabulary

2.      One will be entirely in Spanish and each will beabout 5 – 10 minutes

3.      There will also be a webinar out in a couple ofweeks too

4.      Any feedback/volunteering is appreciated

  • e.      Rita – Regis is hiring

i.     You must be bilingual but it is a Full timeposition

  • f.       CAL is October 17th – 19th

i.     We’ve been given a timeslot over lunch

ii.     Who is going to meet at CALCON?

iii.     Orlando is possibly putting together a meet andgreet during lunch for appetizers

iv.     Jimena is hosting an online CAL get together atFort Collins

  • g.      Health Learning Center

i.     They have been finding reading material forevery grade level to develop curriculum for teaching

medical information tokids

ii.     They asked us for a letter of support for theirsecond phase involving finding Spanish material for

the same thing

iii.     We have a limited partnership with them

1.      They have asked us to find interested librariansand teachers that will help them create

Spanish curriculum (we are notobligated under any circumstances)

2.      They have also asked us to assist in marketingtheir program after they are finished

3.      They are offering a stipend of up to $800 forthe assistance to librarians or teachers

  • h.     We have a new member!

i.     Her name is Ally from the Clearview LibraryDistrict

ii.     She was originally from the California Chapterof Reforma

V.   Bylaw Review – There was not enough time. Thesehave been tabled for the next meeting

  • a.      Camilla – mentioned creating an executivesummary of the bylaws for the group

VI.  Tour of Aurora Central Library

  • a.      History of APL
  • b.     Explanation of Library Closures
  • c.      Tour of the Kids area and programming

i.     Life size angry birds program

ii.     Yu-gi-oh tournament

iii.     Cardboard car drive in movie

iv.     Crab soccer games

v.     Storytime Early Literacy Center Area

  • d.     Tour of the Reference Area programming

i.     Quiet areas and study rooms

ii.     Science in the Stacks (similar to the CaféScientifique)

iii.     Study Areas

iv.     Other language material and displays

  • e.     Tour of System Support

i.     Currently one librarian for all of systemsupport and 4 staff

  • f.       Self Service hours technique at the CentralLibrary

i.     Library is only staffed by security at certaintimes allowing access to computers, self-checkout,

and building access duringtimes that the library is unable to staff due to budgeting cutbacks

ii.     Self service holds

iii.     Account fees can be paid with a credit card atthe self checkout terminals