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REFORMA mini conference timetable graphic 4-29-15

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Buying Books en Español:                                                                                     Collection Management of Spanish Language Materials in Public Libraries

A presentation by Cecilia S. Hem Lee, Denver Public Library

Participants will learn about authentic literature authors in diverse literary genres and subjects for library patrons of all ages. We will also explore helpful selections tools and review sources. Then we will address the selection criteria and the challenges of getting these materials from traditional vendors and possible solutions. Finally we will talk about the use of translations of popular works for specific target audiences and weeding beyond conditions.

In B2 Conference Center, Room A.

Hiring Bilingual Bicultural Employees:                                                                     How to recruit them, why they matter, and what bilingual bicultural staff demonstrate to our community

A panel discussion presented by Andrea Giron, Denver Museum of Nature and Science;  Will Chan, Denver Public Libraries; Johanna Ulloa, Poudre Valley River Library; Maggie Miller, Maggie Miller Consulting; David Allison, Denver Museum of Nature & Science; Leesly Leon, Mi Casa Resource Center.

This session will help participants understand how libraries can start reaching out to Latino audiences by changing internally. Through first-hand accounts panelists will share how they have worked at recruiting bilingual bicultural staff, integrated new perspectives into programming, and increased their cultural currency in target communities. We will include case studies from different organizations sharing their process for hiring bilingual bicultural staff, the institutional decisions behind the efforts, and how the new hiring practices have paid off. The panel will also be framed with important demographic information on our city as well as evaluation results conducted with Latino community members on what feels welcoming in an institution. Participants will leave with a resources sheet on where to post jobs, and get advice on how to word job descriptions to attract a more diverse pool of applicants.

In Gates Room, 5th floor.

 The immigration world after Obama’s 2014 Executive Order:                                 Everything you need to know to help your patrons.

Presentation by Belen Albuja and Sabrina Sameshina, Albuja Law LLC.

The immigration arena has changed since Obama’s announcement on November 2014. One of the biggest challenges is to educate the people to help them avoid becoming victims of fraud and to push the immigrant community to understand the good, the bad and the risks involved. Learn how libraries and other community agencies can play a strategic role in educating the community in a friendly and ethical atmosphere.

In Gates Room, 5th floor.

 Advancing Economic Prosperity Together

Presentation by Javier Bañuelos and Carla Kaplan-Gomez, Mi Casa Resource Center.

This session will present the work and achievements of Mi Casa Resource Center, one of the largest non-profit organizations serving the Latino community in Colorado. Participants will learn about the organization’s holistic program model that has helped it thrive in the last six years and achieve its goal of advancing the economic success of Latino families. Participants will also receive advice on how libraries can learn from Mi Casa’s success.

The session will be divided in two parts, each one highlighting specific programs provided by Mi Casa. The first part will highlight the educational and entrepreneurial programs, and the second part will focus on the professional programs and social enterprise initiatives. Each part will cover the rationale for offering the program, marketing efforts specific to the program, partnerships, challenges and success rates. Participants will have a better understanding of the organization’s efforts and how to direct the community to access these services.

In B2 Conference Center, Room B.

 Outreach Strategies that Work for Spanish Speaking Families 

Presentation by Alberto Pellicer and Yanira Duarte, Denver Public Library.

Looking to attract and engage more Spanish speaking families to your library? Join us to learn about strategies the Early Literacy Department at the Denver Public Libray uses to reach your target audience. We will discuss the role of partnerships in helping to spread the word, the importance of cultural connections, program delivery in Spanish, and a lot more. Whether successful or not at your library, be prepared to share your marketing and outreach strategies. ¡Vamos pa’lante!

In B2 Conference Center, Room B.

Northside Noir: A Conversation between local Chicano authors Mauel Ramos and Mario Acevedo

These two authors will discuss their experiences, surprises and tribulations as  Chicano Noir writers who both base their stories in Denver’s historic Northside neighborhood.

Mario Acevedo is the best selling author of the Felix Gomez series featuring a Chicano vampire Private Eye who runs his business fighting other-worldly goons out of an office in the old Oriental Theater.

Manuel Ramos is an award winning and best selling author of eight books including many noir mysteries set right in Denver’s North Side.

In B2 Conference Center, Room A.

Americas Latino Eco Festival:                                                                                      Water and Climate Hope / Agua y la Esperanza para la Madre Tierra

A presentation by Zuza Bohley and Irene Vilar, Americas Latino Eco Festival.

Learn about the 3rd Americas Latino Eco Festival, a festival hosted by Latinos, celebrating their tradition and contribution to environmental causes. We will present about the Festival and brainstorm with librarians on how to most effectively engage Spanish Speaking families to part take in events happening in Denver and the metro area. Our goal is to have families involved in our innovation challenge: developing a business or social entrepreneurial effort that has environmental benefits.

In Training Room, 7th floor.


Celebrando la Historia: Over 100 Years of Latino Contributions Boulder County Latino History Project

A presentation and artifacts display by Linda Arroyo-Holmstrom, Boulder County Latino History Project.

The Boulder County Latino History Project is documenting and describing the contributions and struggles of Latinos in Boulder County over the past century, and working with several school districts to develop curriculum using their searchable database. The intent of this presentation is to share information about our website,, and to serve as a model for other communities to document their Latino history.

In Training Room, 7th floor.


Multicultural Children’s Literature in Picture Books:                                                              What it is, why we need it, and how we select it.

​There’s been a lot of buzz lately about multicultural children’s literature and the need for diversity in children’s books. Good diverse ​children’s literature gives non-dominant groups a voice, which is more important than ever in our current social and political climate. This presentation will look at the importance of multicultural children’s literature in picture books as well as how to analyze and select high quality titles, and we’ll share a bunch of fun picture books too!

A presentation by Gigi Pagliarulo, Denver Public Library.

In Training Room, 7th floor.